AA-TOP is a new-rise enterprise in automotive rubber mount industry focusing on huge market, whole system and great structure with high-tech as cornerstone. AA-TOP brand had been registered and spread in more than 100 countries. We sincerily invite you to become agent under this brand. During our co-operations, win-win developing shall be based on mutual reliance and comprehension which is the bond and bridge for striving together. While devoting ourselves to enhance the quality of automotive rubber mount industry, we desire the best of you to be our partners to create our career only with your excellence. Same idea is what we are only caring about no matter what you are and how you are. This is a steady enterprise with more than 20 years experience of development and manufactures in rubber mounts fields which is recognized by industry. We are an booming and vigorous enterprise with sound and rigorous sales mode. Only high intentative people could be our agent. Challenge now if you are strong enough. Splendid career stage is waiting for you.


  • Marketing Concept: Develop with our customers.
  • Product Concept: Quality is the life of an enterprise, product optimization is the source of its development.
  • Service Concept: To create the world by the mass of the world.
  • Talent Concept: To inspire people with great cause, to attract people with good treatment, to unite people with excellent culture, to achieve people with good conditions.
  • Cost Concept: A penny is a cost, every bit should be saved.

AA-TOP Value

  • Keep commitment: Remember responsibility  Results-orientation  Continuous improvement
  • Keep commitment: Trust is the coin of the realm.
  • Remember responsibility: Responsibility is proud and creates value.
  • Results-orientation: Be proud in creating data results and ashamed in doing fruitless tasks.
  • Continuous improvement: Continuously meet customer needs and exceed ourselves.


To be an industry leader in our market scope, create the most innovative products, benefit global customers. Create value for customers with our excellent making.