Happy The National Day!

Dear Customers

For celebrating the national day,We will have a six-day holiday.

Holiday time:1th Oct. 2019 – 6th Oct. 2019

Oct 1st is the national day of China.Oct 1st,1949 was the first national day of China.At that time,people were very happy because China has been free ,the war has stopped.We were the winner ! Then every year of this day,people put the national flag out to celebrate at the capital of China–BeiJing .A lot of people are proud of being able to celebrate in the national day.Everybody is happy and very exciting.

Nodal background of Chinese great occasion of nation

 The phrase ” great occasion of nation”,used to be the activities of   nation celebration,  was see in the west Jin at the earliest stage.The west Jin author luJi wrote in 《五等诸侯论》that” great occasion of nation only the its benefit, the main sorrow harms with it” .In  feudal age of our country , the most important event  is to celebrate the throne and birthday for the emperor  , ( the Manchu Dynasty calls the birthday of the emperor as the long live stanza) etc……As a result in the ancient times of our country called the throne and birthday of the emperor as” great occasion of nation”.Today we call that the anniversary of the national establishment ” great occasion of nation”

How to celebrate National Day in China?

Decorated with lanterns

Every national day in CHINA, enterprises and institutions will hang lanterns or banners with “Happy National Day” and other slogans to celebrate National Day;The square will placed with the slogan of bonsai and hydrogen balloons, with a happy atmosphere to welcome National Day.

National day holidays

Oct 1st is the National Day of our country every year, In 1999, the government releases “nation festival and memorial day holiday method”, National Day and adjacent Saturday, Sunday combination to a 7 days long National Day,  called “National Day golden week”, with the situation that have a holiday, let common people experience National Day joy.

Free highway

With the improvement of people’s living standard, private cars have become more and more popular.As a result, the country has made freeways available to private cars during the National Day period since 2012.

National Day parade

There are 14 times of China’s National Day parade since the founding, in addition to the 1949 founding ceremony parade, the 1984, 1999 and 2009 National Day military parade also give us  a deep impression .Celebrating our National Day can blazon forth our country prestige,and also showed the world a powerful defense forces in our country, let the whole country felt a strong sense of pride.

Tian ‘anmen flag-raising ceremony

Every National Day, go to Tian ‘anmen square to see the national flag is the dream of countless people.Therefore, people who enjoy the National Day long vacation to visit Beijing usually get up early to Tian ‘anmen square to see the national flag raise by class soldiers to express their love to the motherland, watching the five-star red flag slowly raising, the heart of the excitement beyond words.

National Day get-together

Before and after National Day, in order to celebrate National Day and promote corporate culture, all enterprises and institutions will organize staff to hold a National Day get-together to express the happiness of National Day in the form of artistic performance.